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3 Excuses to give up Learning Welsh is a book is for adult learners of the Welsh language and looks at three linguistic eccentricities of the language. These three things are hallmarks of the Welsh language that learners have told me they find most frustrating about learning Welsh. They are three aspects of the language that could be used as legitimate excuses for packing in the whole language learning endeavour altogether.

The book uses accessible grammatical explanations to tackle the following things you feel you’ll never master:

  • the mutations
  • saying “yes” and “no”
  • the verb “to be”

You don’t need to be a grammarian or a polyglot to read this book. You don’t need to know what the imperfect subjunctive is. You don’t need to have a degree in Linguistics. You’ve got everything you need already: an interest in Welsh, a brain and this book.

Contains a grammatical glossary and short exercises.

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3 more excuses to give up learning Welsh is my second book looking at things learners of Welsh tell me are frustrating hurdles to progress in learning the language. This time I tackle:

  • numbers
  • formal vs informal language
  • prepositions

Contains a grammatical glossary and short exercises

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My grammar books are frequently revised and I’m always pleased to hear from readers who have feedback, corrections or questions.