Languages Live 2018

This year I gave the Welsh language taster at Languages Live. 45 minutes on one of the exhibition’s stage areas, a flip chart and a microphone!  It was brilliant to see so many people interested in Welsh taking time out of the polyglot hustle and bustle to learn some basic introductory phrases in Welsh. Other language taster sessions running during the show included Korean, British Sign Language, Swahili Romanian, Gaelic and Hebrew to name just a few. Thanks to Languages Live for giving Welsh a centre-stage place during Europe’s largest language event!

We looked at the basic phrases below as well as discussing the call and response system of words for YES and NO in Welsh.

Shwmae, pwy dych chi? Hello, who are you?

… ydw i  I’m …

Braf cwrdd â chi.  Nice to meet you

Sut dych chi?  How are you?

Dw i’n iawn, diolch.  I’m fine thanks. 

Dw i’n ofnadwy.  I’m terrible.

Dych chi wedi blino? Are you tired.

… yw e/hi. His/ner name is… 



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